Meet Birch

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A 90-pound goldendoodle with a heart of gold.

Always eager to please this doggo can make just about anyone smile.

He's also pretty heckin' cute.

A Brief History

  • Born September 29, 2015

    🌧️ In rainy Oregon.

  • Moved to Oakland, California

    🌁 Kicking it in the bay.

  • Graduated Pupper Training

    🎓 Good boy status still pending.

  • The Big Snip

    ✂️ Sorry, no Birch Jr.

  • First Birthday

    🎂 Oh, how time flies.

  • Official Good Boy

    🏆 Passed the Canine Good Citizen test.

  • New Fur Brother

    🐕 Mom and dad brought home Lemon.

  • GQ Dog of the Year

    If the category existed he would definitely win.

  • The Nobel Peace Prize

    Sure, why not?

Birch's Faves

  • Baths
  • Hot Days
  • Vacuums
  • Being Left Alone
  • Sort Of Okay
  • Dislikes